Church Inspection Report

Dear All

We are delighted to report the outcome of our recent Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools.  All areas of the inspection have been graded OUTSTANDING.  This is a great achievement for which we should all be very proud.  The inspector had a thorough look at everything we do from academic data to pastoral care from worship to staff development.  We have been working hard to demonstrate evidence of the framework and ultimately it was the children’s ideas and behaviour and understanding that demonstrated how deeply embedded our work as a Church of England School is.

I am grateful to staff and governors for their time and effort in doing such a great job to ensure we offer the pupils such an outstanding start to their education.  Extracts from the report follow and the full report is attached.  Please read and share our pride in this achievement.  Well done everyone!!

Extracts from the Inspection Report:

The distinctiveness and effectiveness of Castor Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School as a Church of England school are outstanding

  • Distinctively Christian values form the core of the school’s life and have a deep impact on all pupils and adults, resulting in the gospel being lived out daily.
  • The headteacher has created a Christian ethos within which he, staff and governors work together exceptionally well to move the school forward as a church school.
  • The school and the adjacent parish church work very effectively together, enhancing spiritual development for all members the community.
  • Outstanding worship, both in school and in church, ensures that all, Christian or non-Christian, regularly gain a sense of joy, wonder and praise.


The care members of staff have for all the pupils, because of the overriding values of love, fellowship and forgiveness, is demonstrated daily. Parents confirm that staff go ‘above and beyond’ to ensure that any problems are immediately addressed. This means that the pupils are secure, happy, and ready to learn. They know that they are allowed to make mistakes, so long as they learn from them.


Parents and visitors value the invitation to many acts of worship, not only achievement assemblies and church services. The pupils are totally engaged. They sing enthusiastically and remain still and silent in times of prayer and reflection.  They are encouraged to ask questions. This leads to them discussing spiritual matters with adults at a high level.


The pupils benefit from a wide variety of worship leaders from both the school and the village churches. This enables them to appreciate different styles of worship within the Anglican and Methodist traditions.


Uppermost in this vision is the belief that we should ‘love one another as Jesus loves us’. This is

There is a very strong partnership between the school, St. Kyneburgha’s Church and the parents. This contributes well to the pupils’ and parents’ experience and understanding of the Anglican church.

 Areas to improve

  • Extend the range of opportunities for the pupils to plan and lead collective worship regularly, so they gain greater understanding of the contribution of the different elements of worship.
  • Develop occasional forms of worship in small, all-age groups to create more intimate settings and increase even further the spiritual development of all participants.

Yours sincerely

Mark Ratchford



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