OFSTED Report June 2014

'The behaviour of pupils is outstanding. They have a considerable thirst for knowledge and very positive attitudes to learning. They cooperate very well and support one another.'


'Reception pupils achieve well because they experience a rich tapestry of activities that stimulate them both indoors and outside.'


'Teachers make clear to pupils what they want them to learn and show them how to succeed in their understanding. They use a wide range of approaches, including probing questions, to encourage pupils to think deeply about the topics they are studying. '



'The range of topics and subjects engages pupils well, and takes into account their interests and aspirations. Pupils’ experiences are enhanced by many new clubs, visits and visitors. The new headteacher has put the school on the sporting map as pupils now take part in a wide range of competitions and are enjoying success.'


  1. Castor School Final OFSTED 2014 Report