Work of Governors towards SIAMS

The School, Church and Community Committee of the Governing Body self-evaluates and oversees the impact of Christianity on our school.

Through robust self-evaluation involving staff, parents and (most importantly) the children they have a deep understanding of life in school and the impact of Christian faith on the education we provide.

Each of our committees has Key Performance Indicators to ensure they are meeting the challenging targets set.  The KPIs for 2015-16 can be downloaded below.  The KPIs for 2016-17 will be set in accordance with the recommendations of our forthcoming SIAMS inspection.

The minutes from recent meetings of the School, Church and Community Committee can also be found below.

  1. SCC KPIs final copy
  2. CSC minutes 30 9 16
  3. CSC minutes 24th June 16
  4. CSC minutes 4 Mar 16
  5. CSC minutes 29 Jan 16
  6. CSC minutes16 Oct 15