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Castor Church of England Primary School

NSPCC Online Safety Message

Following the NSPCC Online Safety Workshop we would like to share the key points that were raised in the session with all parents.

  • It is important that parents / families know what children are doing when online.  Technology is great if used appropriately.   Talk to children about what they are doing and how they are using devices.  What do they do if something inappropriate or upsetting happens?
  • Do others who care for your children (extended family members, baby sitters, families hosting your child(ren) for sleep overs) have the same guidelines and boundaries as you?
  • Are appropriate security settings or parental control settings in place to protect your children from inappropriate content?
  • If children have access to webcams on their devices, be aware that they can be taken over by other parties.
  • If children have been allowed to sign up to social media sites /apps, are you aware of the minimum age guidelines and which privacy settings have been activated?
  • Are the games your child(ren) are playing or witnessing being played appropriate viewing?  Grand Theft Auto, for example, is an 18-rated game for a reason.
  • Are you aware of who your child(ren) are connected to online ?  Who are their online friends? 
  • The NSPCC are working in partnership with O2 supporting families with online safety issues.  There is a lot of good advice on the NSPCC website.  Googling ‘NSPCC share aware’ or ‘NSPCC online safety’ will take you directly to useful information.   There are also some booklets available in the foyer at school. 
  • Paul Booth is our local O2 online safety guru and is based at the O2 store in Queensgate.  He is willing to help with any online safety issues.  Best to contact and make an appointment if you want specific support.   Parent workshops are run in store from time to time.
  • ‘’ is a site that lists the top 50 downloaded apps.   It is regularly updated and indicates the nature of the app and the appropriate audience and age range.  There is an app version and you can sign up for newsletters which will keep you up to date with changes. 
  • You Tube is an adult website not originally designed for children.  Lots of content is not necessarily suitable for children.   This message has been in the news in the last few days.  Be wary of the comments left in videos too.  There is a ‘You Tube Kids’ app that filters content unsuitable for children.  There is also a ‘BBC iplayer Kids’ app that does similar.
  • There is also useful information on the ‘CEOP’ website.

The key message is to constantly talk to your children about their online activities, use parental controls and check privacy settings.